SuperDeker Game 1 for Intermediate Players

SuperDeker is an advanced hockey stickhandling board for players of all ages and skill levels. Games are 45 seconds long and your score is tracked as the ePuck passes over sensors under the polycarbonate surface which is a great way to practice hockey at home because it feels like real ice.

There are three game modes prebuilt into the stick handling trainer to help players build on reaction time, speed, and puck handling.

Game one focuses on puck handling training, so the light will stay on until the puck glides over it.

As players get used to training with the SuperDeker, they want to improve their hockey stick handling skills. The best way to do this is to focus on clean, deliberate hockey puck handling and passing. Avoid choppy movement with the stick or bouncing the puck with flicked passes. Players need to be comfortable rolling their top hand to cradle the puck for stickhandling up and down, in addition to left and right.

Repetition on the SuperDeker Hockey Training Tool builds muscle memory, sharpens your skill, and increases hand speed. After more time focused on Game 1, you’ll feel you can regularly set personal best scores, as well as add more advanced training elements to your routines.

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