• How to Assemble Your SuperDeker

    Did you just get a SuperDeker or want to learn more on assembly? This video will show you how to quickly assemble the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System to get started on your off ice drills and start having fun.
  • 21 Day Challenge

    Are you ready for the SuperDeker 21 day challenge? Our team has created a dryland stickhandling challenge that will improve your puck handling.  The challenge has three levels of difficulty - Bronze, Silver and Gold.

    Click here for the Score Card

  • How to use the bands

    Using the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System with the rebounder bands helps develop off ice puck skills and reaction time to a deflecting puck. This is critical in maintaining puck control.  This is why SuperDeker is the best hockey training aid on the market for your hockey at home training and practicing your off ice hockey drills.
  • Stick Handling Drills

    Improve your puck handling and stick handling on the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System using these drills!  This is how to practice hockey at home using your off ice training system.  Pay close attention, because there are quite a few tips in this video to help with stick handling.
  • Three Game Training Modes

    The SuperDeker hockey stickhandling trainer has three different game modes to help you with speed, accuracy and perfecting your passing skills. This video will walk you through each mode to help you develop your skills off-ice.
  • Gretzky Hockey School

    The Gretzky Hockey School is a week-long hockey school for boys and girls ages seven to fifteen years old in multiple cities throughout the US and Canada. 
  • How to Build Strength and Speed for Hockey Players

    If you want to build your strength and speed for hockey, you may be looking for a hockey player workout program for the weight room. The weight room is where coaches notice your work ethic, physical ability, and mental strength,...
  • 21 Day Challenge with User Submissions

    We have created the 21 Day Challenge to test your SuperDeker off-ice skills and help grow your puck handling skills. This video has some of our user submissions. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to share your progress on the Gold, Silver, or Bronze links below.
  • Leaderboard Challenge

    Have you submitted your video for the Leaderboard Challenge?  If not, review the drill videos and start practicing.  This video shows off some of the top players from our leaders in the SuperDeker Leaderboard Challenge!
  • Kids of the Leaderboard

    We have some amazing kids who have submitted their videos to be on our leaderboard.  This edited mash-up showcases our talented youth.
  • Training with the SuperDeker

    As someone who has played ice hockey since I was a child, I can tell you from experience that one of the most difficult things to do well as a hockey player, is to be strong on the puck. It takes a combination of arm strength, reflexes, and anticipation, to be a good stick handler, and as a hockey fan I have always been in awe of some of the stickhandling wizards like Pavel Datsyuk or Patrick Kane.
  • SuperDeker: The Best Off Ice Hockey Training Device

    As a child, my favorite thing about summer was taking a break from the Texas heat to get some time on the ice to play hockey. I wasn’t the best player, but being a part of the team felt good, and there was no better feeling than the sweet sense of victory after my youth hockey team had won a game.
  • Ice Hockey Exercises for Improving Your Game

    Off-ice, off-season strength and conditioning programs specifically designed for hockey players will lead to a competitive advantage on the ice.  Whether you're a rookie, veteran or even an experienced player in the NHL, you can improve your agility, strength, and fundamentals to start every season with a rock-solid foundation.  
  • SuperDeker at Home Hockey Training

    SuperDeker at home hockey training drills.   How to use the bands for off ice hockey training.  In hockey, the puck can rebound off of any object.  Reacting to this is critical in maintaining puck control.  Using SuperDeker with rebounder...