The Most Versatile Dangler on the Market - THE ALL NEW DEKERBAR!

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An Advanced hockey training system
for players of all ages and skills

Experience SuperDeker

“SuperDeker is the best off-ice training system we’ve seen.  We use it at all of our schools to build stick handling skills, because players can’t be on the ice all day.”

-  Ty Gretzky - Founder, Gretzky Hockey School

The use of this stick handling boards Game 1 were it will improve all stick and puck control skills while the lights stay on till you bring the puck over the lights.


Maximize your stickhandling skills

Image of 2 for SuperDeker stick handling trainer game 2 were the lights change quickly to make you a more skilled hockey player


Advanced training for top players

The number 3 in a red circle specifys a stick handling tools   game 3 were you develop passing skills you need to become a great hockey player


Develop fast and accurate passing

The hockey stick handling game on a white and black background showing a hockey stick passing the ePuck towards a patent sensing light. The image depicts how the this stickhandling trainer is the perfect tool for training like a pro.


Learn like a pro

Each SuperDeker game is 45 seconds long, just like a pro hockey shift. You'll never know where you need to pass or stick handle to next.

One of SuperDekers hockey stick handling tools is the  puck that is the only puck that working with the hockey training board . It is regulation weight to give you the feel of playing hockey


e-Puck Sensing Technology


Scoreboard with sound

SuperDeker hockey training aid score board showing time and score. This score board goes on the stick handler trainer.
SuperDekers hockey practice board separated to show the materials that make up the board. The materials shown are poly carbonate and high density foam

Low Friction

Just Like The Real Ice!

Easy Assembly

Interlocking Boards for Secure Game Play

Shown is the super deker hockey practice board separated showing the interlocks to connect the board in under 10 seconds
SuperDekers yellow rebounder band shown bundled up together showing they are made of high density silicone rubber. These bands are used on the SuperDeker stick handling tool to have the action of passing to another hockey player.

High Tension

Rebounder Bands


“I got SuperDeker for my son last Christmas. He absolutely loves it! These guys have done a great job of taking a seriously valuable training tool and making it so fun that kids don’t want to stop playing with it.”

Jeff G.

“Awesome product, great customer service, quick response. This really improved my sons game and my game. This is a must for all hockey players. Worth every penny.”

Denis F.

"SuperDeker is the best off-ice training system we’ve seen.  We use it at all of our schools to build stick handling skills, because players can’t be on the ice all day.  They are very popular, players are constantly lined up to use them and compete against each other."

Ty Gretzky - Founder, Gretzky Hockey School