Register for SuperDeker Warranty

The SuperDeker board and accessories come with a 60-day warranty on the physical product, and a 270-day warranty on any electrical issues.  Please click here for the full SuperDeker Warranty. 

  • If you are having issues with your SuperDeker and would like assistance from customer support, please follow this link to open a ticket with our support staff.
  • How to Find your Game Number on SuperDekerPRO

    To find the Game Number on your SuperDekerPRO please tap the power button once and wait for a your game number to display. The SuperDekerPRO Scoreboard will display all zeros for 2 seconds upon startup, and then it will show your game number.
    Your game number will be a 6 digit number that displays for 2 seconds before your SuperDekerPRO is ready to start.
    To see the number again, simply cycle the power of the SuperDekerPRO by pressing the power button again. 
    The SuperDekerPRO is the ultimate piece of ice hockey training equipment as its synthetic ice surface glides just like real ice with zero friction spray which helps you learn how to get better at stickhandling in ice hockey.