SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

New Elite-Level Hockey Training

The SuperDekerPRO is designed to challenge players of all skill levels – especially elite players. With the 30% larger synthetic ice surface and 3X amount of skills training modes, the SuperDekerPRO is a truly advanced stickhandling training device. Younger and less developed players can benefit from the modular board configurations and the “Rookie” modes available in the SuperDeker App.

Track Your Improvement with Connected App

The SuperDekerPRO pairs with the SuperDeker App now available for download. Track your scores, switch between more than 11 included game modes options, and upload to the worldwide leaderboard with the SuperDeker App! More benefits include access to exclusive content from DekeUniversity, connecting with friends, and staying up to date with new updates. In-App subscriptions unlock even more game mode options as they’re published. 

Download the app for free here:

Improves Hockey stickhandling skills through fun and challenging games.

The SuperDeker Pro stick handler trainer features a Synthetic Ice Surface that feels just like real ice! 

Sensors built into the ice's surface track the location of the ePuck.  When the ePuck crosses over the light, you hear a beep and score a point.

Elite hockey players practice puck and stickhandling skills every day on and off the ice. The best off-ice stickhandling tool for improving your dangles in hockey is the SuperDeker Pro!

Included in your SuperDeker shipment:

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