SuperDekerPRO Center Panel perfect for hockey stick handling training, puck control, and passing. Larger Synthetic Ice Surface for more fun!
Extend your Synthetic Ice Hockey Training Pad with the SuperDeker Center Panel. Play more games and train more hockey skills.
The SuperDeker Stickhandling Aid uses cutting edge Hockey Technology to train fast hands and score more hockey goals.

SuperDekerPRO Center Panel

  • 12-months on game board and 60 days on components
  • Great gift that arrives in plain packaging
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Orders are estimated to arrive approximately 3 to 5 business days after shipping from a fulfillment center.

Orders come in plain packaging without pictures, since often a gift.

The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System warranty is 12-months on the game board.  Warranty for components included with the system including: Rebounder Bands, ePuck, Metal Pegs, Metal Bars, Power Cord, and Zero Friction Spray is 60 days if defective. Please refer to Limited Warranty for any exceptions that void warranty terms described above.

Q: What is included in the SuperDekerPRO box?

A: When you buy a SuperDekerPRO it comes with:

  • One (1) SuperDekerPRO Ice Surface
  • One (1) ePuck
  • Two (2) Rebounder Bands
  • One (1) Bottle of Zero-Friction Ice Spray
  • One (1) Power Charger
  • One (1) Instruction sheet
  • Two (2) Rebounder bars
  • Four (4) Rebounder bar pegs

Q: What are the specifications of the game?

A:  Playing Dimensions: 8 Feet Long, 27.5 Inches Wide, 1.07 Inches Thick

Q: Is the app available on Android devices? If not, when will it be available?

A: Currently, the SuperDeker App is only available on iOS devices. SuperDeker will create an Android version and we will make an announcement once completed.

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Upgrade your 2 Panel into a 3 Panel SuperDekerPRO!

Upgrade your 2 Panel SuperDekerPRO into the full 3 Panel SuperDekerPRO!  Challenge yourself with an additional 29 inches of gaming length for a total of 8 feet. 

Customize Your Training with Modular Configurations

Go big with a 3-panel setup, or mobilize your training with a single SuperDekerPRO panel. Want to train on the original-sized SuperDekerPRO? Remove the middle panel and enjoy a simpler 2-panel SuperDeker setup. However, you train, SuperDekerPRO is customizable to fit your needs.

Feels like Real Ice for Accurate In-Game Simulation

Train like a Professional without paying for ice-time. SuperDekerPRO’s low-friction polycarbonate surface lets the puck glide for a real ice feel. The SuperDeker ePuck is designed to feel just like a real puck. With its regulation weight and size, the SuperDekerPRO ePuck simulates real on-ice hockey.

New Elite-Level Hockey Training

The SuperDekerPRO is designed to challenge players of all skill levels – especially elite players. With the 30% larger synthetic ice surface and 3X amount of skills training modes, the SuperDekerPRO is a truly advanced stickhandling training device. Younger and less developed players can benefit from the modular board configurations and the “Rookie” modes available in the SuperDeker App. 

Products subject to US Pat. No. 7,850,514 & US Pat. No. 7,999,694

Download the SuperDeker App for free here:

Learn how to use the SuperDeker App with your SuperDekerPRO in this video

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