Ways to Play

3 Ways to Play

The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System has three modes to play at home hockey, and each of these games are to develop the stick handling skills necessary to make you a better hockey player.  Game one focuses on training, so the light will stay on until the puck passes over it.  Game two is more advanced with the sensor keeping the light on only for a moment, so your speed will advance.  Game three is for speed and accuracy in you passing skills.
For a teamwork challenge, try playing with 2 players and protect the puck or try different fast hands games!
When you consistently use the SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System as your off ice hockey trainer for stick handling drills and puck handling training, you will see increased agility and hockey reaction time. 
The SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System is the best at home off-ice hockey training equipment and gives you the best way to practice hockey without ice. For additional ways to play, watch our rebounder band drill and stick handling drill videos in the Training Resources page on this site.

If you have any questions about how to use your SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System as an off ice hockey trainer, please contact customer service using the link on this page.  In addition, if you have any suggestions on video drills or other hockey content you would like to see on our video training resource page, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you.