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Author:  Mikey S. - Sports Journalist for SuperDeker

As someone who has played ice hockey since I was a child, I can tell you from experience that one of the most difficult things to do well as a hockey player, is to be strong on the puck. It takes a combination of arm strength, reflexes, and anticipation, to be a good stick handler, and as a hockey fan I have always been in awe of some of the stickhandling wizards like Pavel Datsyuk or Patrick Kane.

Growing up, it was not a skill that we worked on enough at practices, and of course, as kids we had more fun seeing who had the hardest shots or who could skate the fastest. But as we grew older and the real separation between skilled players became apparent, it was always their ability to stickhandle and be strong on the puck that set them apart from the pack.

The SuperDeker provides an incredible off-ice workout that gives players immediate puck handling practice and can be used anywhere at any time of the year. Players no longer need to hit the ice to get their reps in as with the SuperDeker stickhandling aid.  It can be an integral part of dryland training both during the season and in the offseason as well. With easy assembly and minimal pieces, the SuperDeker can be an essential piece in your hockey training repertoire that can be set up at home, or even brought to games to get a good warm up before hitting the ice.

There are three training modes  you can use to maximize the efficiency of your stickhandling training. The first mode focuses on stickhandling as specific areas will light up around the SuperDeker surface, players will move the ePuck through those spots for 45 straight seconds. The second mode has the areas light up for only one second at a time, which works your speed and agility in stickhandling the ePuck through the lights. The third mode utilizes the bands that you can install on each side of the playing surface to simulate delivering and receiving passes through the lit targets. This exercise helps work your speed and accuracy, and shows that the SuperDeker can be used as a hockey passing trainer as well as a stickhandling aid.

Constant repetition builds both muscle memory and wrist strength which are two of the most important components to being a skilled stickhandler. You will find that the more you use the SuperDeker to improve your stickhandling, the more your hands and muscles will remember these actions on the ice and kick-in during split second stickhandling decisions.

While other players have to wait until they hit the ice to practice their skills, you can gain the edge on your competition by using the SuperDeker  as a regular part of your training off the ice.

Let others work on their shots, while you use the SuperDeker to improve your strong puck possession and accurate passing which are the true keys to controlling the game of hockey.

If you're wondering about SuperDeker's built in stickhandling drills to practice at home, you can read about them here.

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