Three Game Training Modes

The SuperDeker hockey stickhandling trainer has three different game modes to help you with speed, accuracy, and perfecting your passing skills. This video will walk you through each mode to help you develop your skills off-ice.

SuperDeker is an advanced hockey training system for players of all ages and skills. Games are 45 seconds long and your score is tracked when the ePuck passes over a light seen through the polycarbonate surface, which feels like real ice.

There are three game modes to help players build on reaction time, speed, puck handling, and stick handling.

Game one focuses on training, so the light will stay on until the puck passes over it. The goal in this game is to get the puck over as many lights as possible.

Game two is more advanced with the sensor keeping the light on for only one second. So to get points, you must work on your speed and agility.

Game three is for speed and accuracy in your passing skills. So with the puck on one side of the board, you will use the bands to practice crisp and accurate passes and return passes.

Repetition of puck handling builds muscle memory, sharpens your skill, and increases hand speed. The SuperDeker Advanced Training System is the best off-ice hockey skills system.

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