SuperDeker: The Best Off Ice Hockey Training Device

Author: Robert B. - Sports Journalist for SuperDeker

As a child, my favorite thing about summer was taking a break from the Texas heat to get some time on the ice to play hockey. I wasn’t the best player, but being a part of the team felt good, and there was no better feeling than the sweet sense of victory after my youth hockey team had won a game.

As a defensive player, I felt good about my ability to stop the other team from scoring, but shooting a goal was a dream that I was afraid would never come true.

At the time, I never felt confident enough in my abilities to attack an opposing player with the puck, and break in on the goalie. No matter how much I tried, I always ended up losing control of the puck, and being forced to pass it to a teammate, or even turn it over to an opposing defender. As with any sport, the best way to get better at hockey is to lock down the fundamentals, and I had some work to do.

With my parents always busy at work, it was nearly impossible for me to get on the ice, so I was dependent on off ice hockey training. So what should you do if you are in this situation? Do what I wish I could have done much earlier in life: buy a SuperDeker.

The SuperDeker is the ultimate hockey training device. It’s really more like a game than a trainer, but this game isn’t called the “SuperDeker” for nothing.

With just a few minutes on this hockey stickhandling trainer each day, your hockey skills will increase, and you’ll become a beast with untouched puckskills.

On first approach, the SuperDeker is simple to set up and get started with. After wrapping the rebounder bands on the posts and giving its surface a quick spray with the included Zero-Friction Ice Spray, just drop the ePuck and get to practicing!

The area that I most wanted to develop was my consistency in puck handling skills. To do this, I started with Game #1 which helps improve control over the puck. Because Game #1 allows you time to get to each target, you’re able to progress at your own pace. And very quickly, you’ll realize the 45 second shift really makes you work.

This not only helps improve your fundamentals, but it requires you to maintain focus on the puck, while still keeping in mind where your body position needs to be for your next move.

After only a few minutes of practice, I was able to get comfortable with the SuperDeker, and was ready to move on to try Game #2 which forces you to have really good reaction time.

In Game #2, target lights only stay on for a second, at first it was frustrating because I wasn’t able to keep up with the lights, but it just made me determined to get better on Game 1, so I could increase my stickhandling speed. In time, Game 2 really ramps up your competitive nature as you chase the target lights with more success.

Game #3 is a great exercise to improve fast and accurate passing, and after only a few days of practicing in game three, I was able to pass and receive the puck much quicker. I was able to do that because I could control the puck better and keep it firm and flat on the surface. Plus, I found there is a fun and simple way to turn up the challenge. If you remove the rebounder bands, you’ll be forced to keep the puck on the on the surface with your stick. You stay on the same end of the board you’d normally pass from, but now it requires you to control those wide pull moves my coach had us working on to get around defenders (remember, I dreamed of carrying the puck up the ice and getting around the other team).

The world of hockey has come a long way since my days as a kid, from increased safety guidelines to advanced training technologies, the game is constantly evolving and always growing in popularity.

I will never be able to go back and talk to myself as a kid, but if I could, I would give him a pat on the back, encourage him to keep practicing, and advise him to ask his folks for a SuperDeker. After my short time working with the device, I’ve not only found a new fun way to stay sharp mentally, but I have also become way more confident with the puck on my stick..

All and all, the SuperDeker is one of the best hockey training aids that I have ever seen, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun while improving their abilities in the sport.

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