How to Assemble Your SuperDeker Hockey Training Aid - did you just get a SuperDeker or want to learn more on assembly? This video will show you how to assemble the SuperDeker. Thank you for buying a SuperDeker, the advanced hockey training system. Unboxing your SuperDeker is simple.

First, open the end of the taped box and remove the box which contains the SuperDeker accessories. Set it aside. Then, grab both pieces of the gameboard together and slide it out of the box. They are connected with a cord, which as you will see when it is out of the box.

Separate the two halves and lay the gameboard on the ground foam side down. You will see how the two pieces connect like two giant puzzle pieces. Align the two pieces and gently press down until you feel the surface is perfectly flat and lined up smooth.

Take the two metal supports off of the accessories box, and place one at each end of the SuperDeker. Slide each under the foam and take two of your pins out of the plastic bag, which hold your rebounder bands in place. Screw in the pins in the metal supports, tighten with pliers, then line up your SuperDeker with the prefabricated holes and press down to get them into position. Carefully stretch your rebounder bands over the two pins, then repeat this step on the other side of the SuperDeker.

Now that your board is set up, take your zero friction ice spray and pump approximately 8 to 12 times to get the board covered. You can then take your ePuck and slide it around the board simulating the way a puck slides across the ice.

Plug your power charger into the top part of the SuperDeker, then carefully plug into a standard outlet. If your gameboard does not automatically start, press your yellow on/off power button, and you are ready to go.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your SuperDeker.

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