Getting Ready for the Hockey Season for Intermediate Players

SuperDeker is the best hockey puck trainer for off ice puck handling skills!With the Hockey season finally coming back in full swing in 2021, players around the world are dusting off their skates and preparing to get back on the ice. After such a long break in 2020, how are you preparing yourself for the upcoming season?

Read on for our guide to getting your head back in the game in 2021 for intermediate hockey players.

Not an Intermediate? We’ve compiled a similar guide for beginners and advanced players too!

Do An Equipment Check

SuperDeker is the best hockey puck training equipment for developing soft hands and stickhandling skills!If you've gained a few pounds over the COVID-19 quarantine you are not alone. That is why it is going to be crucial to check your equipment, maybe for one last airing out or wash, and make sure it all still fits well before you hit the ice!

While gear like your helmet or gloves should still fit, things like hockey pants, girdles, or shoulder pads may need to be sized up for some extra weight you may have put on.

Looking to brush up on your Cardio and Conditioning? Check out our Hockey Exercise Regimen For Improving Your Game!

If you’re like me you play the last game of the season and then neglect your gear until the next season starts. Prepare your sticks for use by taking off the old tape and re-taping your grip and blade. Re-wax the bottom of your blade after you have taped it to ensure smooth stickhandling on the ice, and test out your stick’s flex to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or weak points from last season.

Just like you, your gear has been out of the game for a while, so get it all together ahead of time so you’re not scrambling on the day of your first game!

Get Back in the Action

The best stickhandling training equipment for advancing your skill is the SuperDeker off-ice trainer! You haven’t picked up your stick or done anything on the ice for nearly a year now, so what’s the best way to get back into the swing of things before you get back in the rink?

Grab your stick and get the feeling back in your hands! It helps to put your gloves on to simulate the extra weight you will feel on the ice. The muscle memory you’ve developed in your days as a beginner should kick in pretty quickly so it won’t take long for you to feel the familiarity of the puck on your stick.

This is where you can use the SuperDeker Stick Handling Tool as the perfect training accessory to help you shed the rust of the long offseason.

Whether you’re a little leaguer or a AAA star, the SuperDeker can help you bring back the feeling of the puck sliding on the ice as you stickhandle through the multiple game modes that will quickly reinvigorate your hockey senses. Just a few minutes with the SuperDeker and your hands will feel like you never left the ice!

Learn What’s New in Hockey

SuperDeker is the best stick handling tool for improving hockey skills off-ice! Let’s be honest, a lot has changed since the last time you suited up for a game and hockey is no exception. Learn the rules that your local rink has posted regarding how hockey is being handled in the world of COVID-19.

Chances are things will be different as soon as you enter the rink, with symptom checks and health screening right at the front door. The dressing rooms should be marked for social distancing and cleanliness, and even experiences we used to take for granted -like sharing water bottles and sitting on the bench together- may be changed forever.

Some rinks have even instituted new rule changes like no faceoffs and zero contact, so educate yourself before you get to the rink, and participate in the game of hockey while keeping everyone safe.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to get back on the ice this season?

Before hitting the ice in 2021, we suggest gaining an edge on your opponents by doing an equipment check, getting back in the action, and learning what’s new.

If you’re still not convinced that the SuperDeker is right for you, visit our media page for helpful resources and information about how SuperDeker improves hockey stickhandling and puck control.

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