SuperDeker Association Promotion

Please complete the below and we can assign your team/association a unique code that will provide a $25 discount on SuperDeker Bundles for buyers.  Additionally, we will donate $25 to your team/association for each SuperDeker Bundle purchased using your code.  Once submitted, you will receive an email that will include the promotion code, and a link to resources that will help you share with your organization.  Please note, we need the legal name for your association that will be used to make payment. 


Terms and Conditions:

The teams and/or association (known as: association) will be provided a code valid for 60 days from issue, to be used exclusively on The unique code will provide for $25 off purchase of a SuperDeker Bundle for the buyer and a $25 donation to the association. The association may promote code in any way to their community except broadcast online (i.e., may promote through a group on social platforms, but may not to the public). After 60 days of the code being made available, SuperDeker will reconcile and report the number of times the code was used, and pay to the association for $25 for each valid use (ACH preferred). Once reconciled after the 60 day window, it is understood that SuperDeker will not owe the association any additional funds. The association understands that the use of SuperDeker logos and assets are property of SuperDeker and only to be used for current promotion. Associations may choose to keep links to on association website, and SuperDeker reserves the right to use the association name and links online as well on the association page.  Available only for associations located in the United States.