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Always be prepared for SuperDeker with quality Hockey Training Gear. The best way to practice is to structure practice as you would play. Use the SuperDeker Puck-Up Ramp to correct your biggest Puck-Ups.
The SuperDekerPRO hockey stickhandling trainer includes many hockey training accessories like the SuperDeker Official ePuck.

SuperDeker Puck-Up Ramp

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Stop losing your puck off the SuperDeker! Get the SuperDeker Puck-Up Ramp today!

Has this ever happened to you?

You're in the middle of a great shift on the SuperDeker. Your hockey fast hands are buzzing, and your forearms are on fire. All of your friends are cheering you on. 🏆

Just before you reach your high score, BOOM, you miss a toey and the ePuck falls off the SuperDeker. 😔 You quickly chase down the puck and drop it back on the board, but it's too late... you've already missed your chance to beat your high score 📈

You done pucked up big time. 

Correct your Puck-Ups

Now introducing the solution to your problem: the SuperDeker Puck-Up Ramp! This new hockey training product allows you to quickly return your ePuck back to the SuperDeker's playing surface if it falls off!

If your ePuck falls off the SuperDeker's surface, use your stick to retrieve it and then scoop it up the ramp to return to play! 

Power Through your Shift

Chasing down your ePuck is a waste of time and energy. It can often shave 5, 10, or even 15 seconds off your hockey shift! In the fast-paced game of hockey, every second counts, so you need to be actively stick handling as much as possible!

Use the SuperDeker Puck-Up Ramp to stop wasting time chasing the puck and continue doing what you do best: playing hockey!

Build Better Hockey Habits

A proper hockey stance is critical to effective play and skill development. Constantly bending down to pick up your puck is not only a waste of time, but also a bad hockey habit! Maintain a solid hockey stance and constant puck control by only using your stick when controlling with the SuperDeker ePuck!

Q: What is included in the SuperDeker box?

A: When you buy a SuperDeker it comes with:

  • One (1) SuperDeker Ice Surface
  • One (1) ePuck
  • Two (2) Rebounder Bands
  • One (1) Bottle of Zero-Friction Ice Spray
  • One (1) Power Cable
  • One (1) Instruction sheet
  • Two (2) Rebounder bars
  • Four (4) Rebounder bar pegs

You can purchase extra accessories on our website. 

Q: What are the specifications of the game?

A:  Playing Dimensions: 67" long, 28.5" wide, 7/8" thick.  
Power: Input 100-240 VAC - 50/60 HZ Output: 5V, 1000mA, FCC approved, UL approved.

Q: What are the dimensions of the box?

A: The box is about 22 pounds and the dimensions are 40" x 30" x 3".

Q: When shipped, does the package have a picture on the outside, or is it a plain brown box?  Trying not to give away the product inside.

A: The SuperDeker ships in a brown cardboard box.  It does not have a picture but does say SuperDeker on the outsize of the box.

Q: What is the warranty on the SuperDeker?

A: There is a 30-day warranty on the physical product, and a 270-day warranty on any electrical issues. 

Q: Concerned about durability... can the device, internal lights, etc., handle the weight if someone accidentally steps on the playing surface?

A: The SuperDeker polycarbonate surface is very durable.  It is designed to handle repeated stick handling.  We do not recommend standing or stepping on the SuperDeker, especially over the lights, however, accidental stepping on the board should not cause problems.

Q: How many and what type of batteries does it require?

A: SuperDeker Advanced Training System does not take batteries.  It is a plug in unit.

DekerBar Resource Center

  1. The DekerBar keeps sliding on the SuperDeker or other smooth surfaces
    1. Ensure there is nothing on the surface of the SuperDeker or on the suction cups to prevent a tight seal
    2. Make sure that the suction cups are not on the seam between the two panels.
    3. Make sure that you are pressing down on the yellow inserts to get the suction cups to adhere. You can do this with your fingers, or you can use the butt-end of your hockey stick to press down
  2. The Suction Cups are making it hard to remove the bases from the SuperDeker or other smooth surfaces
    1. There is a little bit of play that allows you to tip the bases over slightly to slip your finger/fingernail under the edge of the suction cup to break the seal.
  3. Why are there so many pieces to the DekerBar?
    1. We designed The DekerBar to be very versatile. To do that, we needed to allow for a set up with, and without, the suction cup.  This allows use on smoother surfaces like the SuperDeker and shooting tiles/pads, as well as taking it on the ice or in the driveway.  Additionally, players have all sorts of obstacles to stickhandle around, and by designing it this way it allows players to be creative and use endless configurations with and without the bars
  4. The bar won’t go all the way to the lowest position and keeps getting stuck
    1. Make sure you do NOT have the O-rings on the bar as they may prevent the bar from sliding to the lowest positions.
  5. The bar on The DekerBar doesn’t stay connected to the bases
    1. The bar was designed to come out if a lot of pressure is applied as not to damage the SuperDeker surface or other smooth surfaces. There are times when players want The DekerBar to stay connected, there are O-rings that can be applied to the bar to lock the bar to the bases.
  6. The DekerBar is bent. Is this defective?
    1. We know when stickhandling in and around obstacles, they sometimes get stepped on. We believed it was better/safer to have the bar bend instead of putting all the pressure on the suction cups and potentially damaging the SuperDeker or other smooth surfaces.  There is flexibility in the bars for all the different height settings, and simply applying some pressure the other direction to straighten out.
  7. What should I do with the suction cups when I take The DekerBar on the ice or any rough surface like a driveway
    1. The DekerBar design allows you to keep the inserts in the base regardless of the surface using it on. If on smooth surface, like the SuperDeker, the suction cups face down and can be pressed into the surface to stick.  If on the ice, or driveway, you can remove the inserts by sliding them up and out of the base. Then you can invert, so the suction cup is facing up and slide the insert back in the base
  8. Why would I use the yellow inserts (or the bases) on the SuperDeker without the bar?
    1. We designed The DekerBar to be versatile both on and off the SuperDeker. When you play hockey, there are times you need to avoid other players sticks and skates.  The inserts, or the bases, can be used without the bar to force players to use toe-drags and other dangles to work the puck around the obstacle as they play.

Read more FAQs on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mona Reese
Helpful tool

My kids love the ramp. It makes a puck recovery so much quicker.

Greg Carlson
On time every time

Puck-up ramp makes the SuperDeker experience even better. Get the puck back on the board quickly to continue working towards your high score. Love it!

Justin Judy
Ramping up the dangles!

No time wasted lifting puck back up on board now!