1 Complete SuperDeker – Advanced Hockey Training System Includes: 1 Power Charger, 2 rebounder bands, 1 ePuck, 1 bottle of Zero Friction Ice Spray

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SuperDeker is an advanced hockey training system for players of all ages and skills. As the lights come on, stick handle or pass the puck over the light. You’ll score a point on the score board and hear a beep when the puck crosses over the light. The sensor in the ice surface can sense the location of the Puck!


The SuperDeker puck is the only puck that works with the SuperDeker system. It’s a regulation weight puck that plays and feels like a real hockey puck. Get an extra puck for two player competition.

Rebounder Bands

The Rebounder Bands provide fast, crisp pass-back action. Double up the rebounder bands for even more intense speed and power while you practice.

Zero Friction Ice-Spray

Proper maintenance of your SuperDeker requires the application of the Zero Friction Ice-Spray every two weeks. We expect that one bottle of spray should last about 6 months if you’re playing consistently. It’s always good to have extra spray!

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