SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System


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SuperDeker is an Advanced Hockey Training Aid for players of all ages and skill levels to work on stickhandling training at any time, anywhere in the world.

Included in your SuperDeker Bundle shipment:

  • PROFESSIONAL HIGH QUALITY ICE HOCKEY TRAINING: Improve your shot, stick handling and more as you train like a pro on the most advanced off-ice hockey training system available! Three modes help you develop the skills necessary to make you a better hockey player.

  • AUTOMATIC SCOREBOARD WITH SOUND: The SuperDeker has high quality sensors in the synthetic ice surface can sense the location of the hockey puck. Enjoy the excitement as you score a point on the score board and hear a beep as the puck crosses over the light. Select your game, watch the time and go for a high score! 



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Based on 449 reviews
Replacement Band

Shipping took a little longer than expected but the company was quick to refund. I would continue to order from them.

Excellent customer service

We love our SuperDeker and can’t express enough how good it is for stick handling. I’m terms of customer service, Jantzen went above and beyond with an issue related to shipment of some replacement pegs. It says a lot about him as well as the company. Thanks, SuperDeker!

Boys love this and use all the time!!

Great Puck

So fun to play in the dark with the puck!!

just amazing

This thing works like a charm

Irregular 2
Worth the price!

One of the best training products available on the market today!! My kids haven’t stopped yet. They still can’t beat their old man yet 🤣

Works just like the original

Produxt can super quick and met my expectations!

Zero Friction Ice Spray
Jason Vanderworth

Zero Friction Ice Spray

Irregular 2
Larry Coole
Great product Better customer support

Kids love the Super Deker. Customer support (Ray) was awesome in helping me get the best option. Thank you

Awesome Product

This is definitely the coolest training product I have ever tested! It works so great and is super fun to use 🔥!

ePuck Max - Weighted Training Puck (7.5oz)

Power Charger
Patty Jensen

Works well

Great Puck

Works just like the one it came with

Great Bands

The band fits perfectly and works just like the ones it came wiht

Worth every penny!

So we had our first one for a few years and it was used all the time year round at our house. We have recommended it to so many others who we know who have children that play hockey.

When we started having issues SuperDeker was amazing to deal worth & bought another one right away.

During the winter months we have family tournaments btw the 5 of us and extended family members.

I highly recommend investing in a SuperDeker. It has helped my oldest and my other 2 are starting to get into it. Fun for the whole family and is like our version of game night!

Thank you!

SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System

Superdeker advanced hockey training system

Love the system! Carefully packed in 2 boxes, nothing was broken, easy to assemble in 5 minutes. From the first game on you can see the improvement with stick handling. High recommended!

Employee reviw

Jantzen ray was exceptional in helping myself be able to fix a problem with the super deker. He went above and beyond to help me and forever grateful thank you !

Light up

Awesome! They light up and make the superdeker 100x Cooler!


Works as expected

Fits nice

Bad design

Peg holes get bored out after time and pegs tip in so I rigged up bolts. With the band on the pegs tip in and band flies off.

For my grand son's birthday ,14

In the past before he wore out the 1st puck,he scored 75 in 45 seconds!

Super fast

Needed replacement bands. Came super fast & work perfect.

Super Fun Training

This has been great for my whole family. If your kids are competitive this definitely pushes them even more. Highly recommend this.