Retail: Fulfilled by SuperDeker Program

You have been given this link, and invited to participate in this program by a representative of SuperDeker. (If you have not, please contact if you would like information about this program.)

The Fulfilled By SuperDeker Program enables businesses to promote and sell SuperDeker products without purchasing wholesale inventory.  Instead, purchases are tracked with a unique code to attribute orders to your business.  SuperDeker will fulfill the order by shipping directly to the end customer.  Payments will be made to business monthly based on number of orders fulfilled with business’s unique code.

To enroll, please complete the below form.  Once received, we will email you a unique code to be used to track purchases of SuperDeker products at If you choose, you will also receive a one-time use code to purchase a floor-model SuperDeker to promote product.  Email will also include a link to resources (logos, images, etc.) that can assist you in communicating and promoting SuperDeker.



TERMS & CONDITIONS (click here for link to full Terms & Conditions)

Business (known as: Business) will be provided a code, to be used exclusively on   The unique code will provide means for SuperDeker to track sales directly attributable to Business.  It is up to Business to assign value to customer for use at Business (e.g. 5 free skate sharpening), to ensure customers utilize code at checkout. The Business may promote code in any way to their community except broadcast online (i.e., may promote through a group on social platforms, but may not to the public). The unique code will be valid for one (1) year, but may be extended or canceled by SuperDeker in its own, exclusive determination.  SuperDeker will report monthly (if any purchases have been made using the unique code for Business), and issue payment at that time via ACH. The Business understands that the use of SuperDeker logos and assets are property of SuperDeker and only to be used for current promotion. Business may choose to keep links to on its website, and SuperDeker reserves the right to use the Business name and links online as well on the