How to Diagnose Your SuperDeker! Part 3: Electrical, Power, or Lights

Cullum from SuperDeker Customer Service demonstrates the trouble shooting process for some common issues with electrical, power, and lighting.

If you haven’t done so already, please register your SuperDeker at:

If you are having any of the following issues, please watch this video for troubleshooting tips, and/or steps to contact SuperDeker to address:
1. SuperDeker won’t turn on when plugged in.
2. SuperDeker resets during game play.
3. One or more SuperDeker lights do not illuminate during game play.

There are two primary checks that Cullum will walk through in this video:
1. Simple check to see if the power cord is operating properly. (1:08)
2. Diagnostic test to troubleshoot and/or reset the lights on the SuperDeker. (1:49)

If either of these tests are not able to fix your problem, please look at the other trouble shooting videos we have here, or submit a warranty claim if your

SuperDeker is still under warranty:
United States:

For anything else, please contact SuperDeker Customer Service team:

United States:

Warranty Terms & Conditions can be found here: 

United States:

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