Skating: Posture & Weight Distribution

Posture is one of the foundations of great movement and skating.

First, two foundational pieces: Kinetic chain and Flexion points. These are the foundations of movement that every athlete must work with.

Kinetic Chain

There is a kinetic chain that must be honored. Here is a picture of your body’s kinetic chain:

Consider your posture and weight distribution when doing your hockey fitness training.

Where the head leads, the body follows through the kinetic chain.

Flexion Points

There are three major posture flexion points when we are looking at movement and an athlete’s ability to shift their weight.

  • Ankle

  • Knee

  • Hips

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Weight Distribution

When looking at creating agility and better movement, we must look into an athlete’s ability to move their mass/weight around. The best way to think of this is:

  • Stacked = Weight stack up and down

  • Shifted = Weight shifted in the planes of motion (e.g. left and right)

Practical Applications

Increased Ankle & Knee Flexion

Tie looser skates or skip a few eyelets at the top. This allows further knee bend and deep strides.

Perfect your own weight distribution during your hockey gym workouts.

Stacking Weight

To better move body weight/mess around, athletes should feel that their upper body is stacked on top of their lower body.

A well-stacked player will have quality posture like this due to a neutral spine:

Weight Distribution is important to your individual hockey player build.

Coach Hack - Try turning your neck when hunched with a curved back vs with a straight (neutral spine) back

Shifted Weight

In the above picture of Auston Matthews, we can see that his weight has shifted onto one leg. When thinking about moving and weight shifting, always on one foot, never both. Otherwise, you will have to move in order to move!

These are the overarching piece that goes into great movement and skating.

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Author, Greg Revak coaches with the University of Akron and University School (Ohio). He is a writer for and contributor to Deke University.

When not at the rink, Greg can be found breaking down videos and writing about player development on twitter @CoachRevak. Use Greg's Code: HOCKEYIQ for $25 off your purchase of a SuperDeker!

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