Now that you have the most versatile DekerBar on the market, here are some ideas for using on and off your SuperDeker to add some creativity to your training. On the SuperDeker board you can increase the difficulty with The Deker Bar by forcing you to maintain puck control when passing puck under the bar. For off-ice training using tiles or another smooth surface, lock it down using the suction cups that you won’t find on any other dangle products. If you want to use your DekerBar in a driveway or on the ice, you can still do that, just remember to reverse the inserts to protect the suction cups. Different shapes and bar height allow you to challenge yourself. From close quarters stickhandling, to open area dangles and puck control. There are so many ways to configure your DekerBar both on and off of your SuperDeker Board. Follow us on social for more ideas.

Thank you for choosing the DekerBar!

You’re probably ready to start training with the most versatile hockey dangler on the market, but before you do, it’s important to follow this instructional video for proper assembly.

The DekerBar is designed to accommodate players of all skill levels from someone who is just getting started in stickhandling training all the way to an expert level puck handler. There are limitless configurations you can design with the DekerBar!

Looking for even more versatility in your training? Additional DekerBar components are available at Superdeker Accessories so you never have to stop your growth! 

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